Hey All.  As of April 1 2023, Swol Food has decided to close its doors after 7 years.  We thank you all for your support throughout the Hampton Roads area during that time.  Please check out our friends at www.lyfemeals.com

Lyfestyle Meals has been in the VB community for 5 years strong. We are located at 208 27th st. at the oceanfront within “grab and go” ability. I myself have a vast background in personal and group training, strength and conditioning, and kinesiology. I have been in kitchen since 15 years old and cooking since I knew how. My sole focus is to deliver a consistent and healthier alternative to households on a weekly basis that marries convenience and taste.


Code: swollyfe will provide 25% off all new orders for the first week of any transitioning customer.



How do I sign up?
Get added to our waitlist by sending us an email.

How do you determine the macros?

Do I have to return my containers?

Can I request what I want?
Not at this time, but we do cater to allergies.

How/when do I order and when will I receive my meals?
Orders are to be placed no later than 10 pm Thursday and will be ready for pickup or delivery on Sundays.

What are the terms to the commitment plan?
4 week minimum, and then a week-by-week basis.

What if I have a food allergy?
Tell us about it so we know not to kill you.